Friday, June 04, 2010

Bummer with chips on top

Tomorrow is the Freihoffer run and I wi clearly NOT be there. It pains

I tried to walk up a hill the other day - I used to run up it and tap
the mailbox at the very last house. The other day I couldn't run up
it; I actually made it to the first house (WALKING was all i could do)
and stopped to rest, and heard my neighbor calling to me, so I walked
back down to her and we walked on flat parts of our neighborhood for
just a few minutes.

I am frustrated, now that the weather's so nice. Tired of being tired.
Tired of feeling like I dropped out of the planet for a while; wantig
to catch up.

My doctor says I will be anemic for a while; nurses say IN AUGUST I
might have more energy. Nononono! Not the answers I want.


Trish said...

wait, in AUGUST you'll feel better? Can't you do one of the anti-anemic meds? or platelet or whole blood transfusion?

I am, on MY end spewing 4-letting unfriendlies that I won't type, august?!...they want you to feel like crap for ANOTHER 2 months?!?!

This is when they tell me "we'll wait until August" and I say "what's this WE sh!t kemosabe!?".

Ask them what can be done...what meds, what is the protocol. You aren't going to feel like running a marathon, but hopefully, if feeling up to it, you should be ok to walk around the neighborhood without feeling like you need an O2 tank and a steak to gnaw on...

argh...color me slightly PO'd...

onescrappychick said...

Clearly, the reason you aren't running it today, is because WE are going to run it together next year. :)

Hang in there.. August isn't that far away, really.