Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So let's see. As I get progressively worse at updating my blog,

Radiation is much easier than getting an iv, having poison pumped in,
and then getting drugs that make you hurt all over. I'm doing what
they said as far as skin care and hoping for the best. Brian, who
draws on me regularly with a Sharpie, is explaining the (new, state of
the art) machine to me, so by the time my treatment is done I will be
a rad tech too. Isn't that how it works?

If the machine is so new, I want to ask, why is it painted gray like
it was built in 1942? I also need to ask if they have given this
machine a name. It's so very cool the ways parts of it spin around me.

I brought fudge yesterday because I am a giant suckup and it's always
served me pretty well in the past. The nurse I gave it to seemed
pretty darn delighted. Next, scotchies. Best cookies ever. When I feel
better. Mama's SO tired.

It's probably not good that we all stayed up till midnight with Suzy.
But, we were watching Bachelorette and laughing in horror and nobody
wanted it to end.

Please text me in an hour and wake me. Kthanx.

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