Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hit me with your laser beams

Went for my pre-radiation xrays today. This involved lying on a thin
table while green lines of light were aimed at my body. Parts of the
xray machine moved around me (VERYclose; it was nice that the techs
prepared me for it and told me that nothing would actually hit me).

There were times I wanted to giggle. It's so weird to be flashing so
many people and have them nonchalantly talking about what lateral
angle the machine is set at on this side.

It didn't suck that there was music. Thy must have dialed in my age
because it was Foreigner, and other stuff from my high school days.

At one point I think my doctor was almost dancing. I could sense him
moving off to my left and the techician laughed at him. It was late in
a long day and he was tired and a little loopy.

I am grateful for the care I have received. These people all seem so
confident and capable and they also seem to truly enjoy their work. I
am fortunate to be able to pay for it, more or less. My insurance
isn't perfect but I have some at least.

In about seven weeks I can try to reclaim my own schedule. For now I
have to go here, go there, when my appointments dictate.

And lastly, I am FREEZING. We are having un-springlike weather and I
hate it. Boo!


Trish said...

I've gotten to the point where I've been naked in front of SO many people due to treatments, I sometimes have to remind myself to cover up, so as to not offend some folks. One of our clergy was in the locker room with me the other day, I was blathering along, naked as a jaybird...and realized she really DIDN'T need to have me standing there like that and I casually grabbed a shirt.

I think one of the funnier incidents with my oncologist was when he needed to check me over for new moles. We were alone and he asked if I had any spots of worry. I said "yes " and started to show him. We were merrily going along looking at my spots when the nurse came back in from the bathroom...she realized I was mostly nekkid while she wasn't in the room. We all stopped, paused, I giggled first when I realized what was processing thru her mind. The doc "caught it" and he giggled. I said "ya know, I've been nekkid for so many folks who poked and prodded me, I completely forgot you were supposed to be here to 'protect me' from him, I'm SO not worried". The nurse piped up, giggling "poked?". I thought we were all going to pee our pants we were laughing so hard.

wv=boweards...the doc had bow ears from going between my legs to check me for spots and me hanging on for dear

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the appointment went without issue.