Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunday art

Yes, it's Saturday morning. Shhhhh. Don't wake them up!!!

This is a picture I took when I played wedding photographer for a day.

I don't normally put photos I have taken of other people's children
into my blog. Some parents very rightfully so don't want their
children's images online. I will make an exception here because I'm
not using her name or face.

I have an adorable picture of the ringbearer asleep on Dad's shoulder.
It hurts me to not share, with his golden brown curly hair... Sigh.

The flowergirl was very tiny. I believe she was two. Her grandmother
brought her to the suite and slipped out while I was showing her that
the white purse was full of silk flower petals, and Look! We can
sprinkle them, and pick them up and put them back in our purse!

She was VERY quiet, not knowing me, and the bridal party was just in
the early stages of hair and makeup. So at one point she walked over
and peeked in on everything that was going on, and I took this shot.

Selective color can be cliché but in this picture it seems to work
well. I like the way it got rid of the chaos of objects of all
different colors that were scattered around her. Plain black and white
didn't work for me because of all the "stuff". I might drop the
saturation down because wowie, that shirt is a bit bright this morning.

Take a picture today, of something or someone you love. Tell them
Carly says to say cheeeeeeesecake.

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