Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bring on da funk

I'm a little worried about NOT being able to use real deodorant for
the next two months. I mean, really. A salt rock? Oy.

But radiation is all about skin care and not using things that will
worsen the downside of using technology to prevent those nasty little
tumors from coming back. So pure Ivory it is, and I will get me some
all natural aloe vera gel later today.

As it turns out, I will even have some side effects high up on my back
upper right shoulder because of the field of treament. (Hearing the
nurse more or less say "the radiation will go right through here" and
tap that area was FUN.)

After my initial surgery, both of my underarms had incisions for lymph
node biopsies, because I had a tumor in each breast. I was grossed
out by myself until Suzy suggested putting dab of fragranced deodorant
between my shoulder and collarbone... Kind of a vapor screen, if you
will. She also swore that I didn't stink. What an awesome sister.

So, hopefully people will not quietly inch away from me during the
next two months. (We won't even get into the advice about not wearing
a bra, because I don't want your brains to explode.)

It's all pretty amusing if you think about it. Not brains exploding,
but little dot tattoos and rock deodorants and worrying about smelling
bad. Silly, really.

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meopta said...

They told me I could use Tom's Unscented, and it worked well enough - ask about that brand.