Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hi ho

I'm really over this whole "off to work I go" thing. A bunch of us at lunch were wondering why some angry feminists we never even met screwed up our deal of being able to sit home all day and watch soap operas and wear our pearls and stuff.

But it was just that kind of day. Short work weeks seem to torture us somehow, don't they? And one coworker flapping his wings... or gums... can make ripples of annoyance that spread outward, and then people waste more time complaining about him keeping them from concentrating on their work, and then the annoyed become annoying. Managers have to deal with keeping the peace on the playground.

Corporate America is highly overrated.

Why have I not won the lottery yet? It's something like $72 million right now.
Time to go to sleep dreaming of how I would spend that!

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