Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leaving it behind

Today is my last radiation treatment. Shhhh. Don't tell the other people on facebook. I started a countdown to August first a while back, assuming I might have some hitch or misstep but surely I would be done w radiation by the end of this week. So Sunday will be about celebrating being lucky and happy to be alive and will be the anniversary duly noted, hopefully for many years to come.

Today will be it for treatments though. My adorable doctor with big blue eyes bid me a happy graduation yesterday and laughed at a funny story about my brother in law (who used to work with him. I don't just tell random stories ya know... Well not to my Dr at least...)

I brought this table to the waiting room as an offering... I asked first of course. They were delighted.

Now when other people sit and do puzzles, it won't be on two mini end tables pushed together with the puzzle falling in the gap.

I am trying to declutter my family room. I've been mentally rearranging it in my head over and over the past eight months while I have sat on my couch waiting go feel better. The table has to go, even though I think it's beautiful. We painted the fireplace white, and it looks awesome. More to come on all of that.

I wrote a little hidden message in sharpie on the bottom of the table. In tiny letters... I wrote something someone said to me, the day I got my diagnosis.

Happy, happy, fight.

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onescrappychick said...


I am so, so, glad that it's over. Big huge hugs for you. The offering of your table into the waiting room brought tears to my eyes for reason's I don't quite understand yet. You are a hero. Well done good and faithful servant!