Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Thank yous

In chronological order, I think:

  • thank you to the lady who walked into the first floor bathroom as I was about to put the wig on to go upstairs. She told me I didn't need it, it's too hot today (over 100* around here) and when I started to cry she asked if she could give me a hug, and then talked to me until I felt better, and told me where she worked in case I needed to talk again
  • thank you to "the cool kids" who took me into their club at lunch a few months ago, and have been watching over me like mother hens... and, uh, roosters. Today they complimented my "doo rag" / bandanna, which has dragonflies all over it, and then decided I needed a biker name if I am going to wear bandannas to work like a biker chick. They will now be calling me Margarita, and I need to remember to answer to that.
  • thank you Starbucks, for overpriced ice teas with a splash of lemonade on a hot day, because that little "treat" makes going to radiation a little bit more bearable every day, and by the way your tiny donuts with pink icing are not bad either
  • thank you to the eye doctor's assistant who will be squeezing in an appointment for me this week so that I can try to find out what that weird bubble is on the white of my eye.
  • thank you to the technicians who noticed me crying when they came back into the room to reposition the machine for the second pass, and asked what was wrong, which made me cry more... but they actually did want to do whatever they could for me. She commiserated with me when I explained about a conversation I'd had on the way there, that "Oh, (people) can be quite upsetting sometimes." He told me that actually, when he tattooed me, each dot was a design... you just have to look with a magnifying glass to see a rose, a star, etc... they're just dots... but he got me kleenex and made me laugh and didn't sigh about needing to finish the treatment
  • thank you to my doctor, who is kind of hot actually, but I can't contemplate that because I have to flash him at regular intervals, because he encourages me at every visit about how well my treatments are going, and he told me today that I probably won't need a PET scan, and explained why, just as patiently as he answers all of my other random questions.
  • thank you to my friend, who listened to me cry AGAIN today about my stupid bald head and my nails that are peeling off, and when I said "I just want to be normal again" said that it was difficult to refrain from the obvious joke, but seeing as I have cancer and all, would not tell me I was never normal
  • thank you to P, who understands that whole deal that made me cry on the table and didn't say "hey, at least you didn't fall asleep today". Come on, I know you were thinking it.
  • thank you to my children, who do dishes and laundry, so I don't have to. Wait. They still don't know I have a blog. Nevermind.
thank you, thank you. I am so lucky, to have so many people be kind to me, in the midst of all this dreck.


Anonymous said...

I used to make one of the techs read me auto mags. Who am I to throw stones?

Anonymous said...

Oh wait - I'm me. I am ME to throw stones, that's who. What was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

One of my rad techs took pleasure in being a curmudgeon, and one day I told him his attitude didn't scare me, because I had a curmudgeon for a husband. He looked surprised, then laughed, and said I was the first to call him out on his act.

onescrappychick said...

I'd hug you, but it's too effing hot out.