Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday Art - Birch

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This is my favorite image that I photographed today (I participated in something called the World Wide Photo Walk. There were only two other people who signed up to walk with me. Drew had agreed to be my assistant... but hey, you got to concentrate on your own pictures!) So my speech as walk leader was rather short and I forgot to say that flower photos don't win contests.

(That was advice given by a walk leader last year, who then chose a picture of a bee landing on a flower as his walk's winning photo. I had a great flower picture I didn't enter because of the snarky.)

It was rainy today and I was annoyed by that. Can't win them all. Overcast weather does cut down on glare, I can say that. Downtown Bennington is a little bit dreary. Lots of empty buildings. I'd like to win the lotto and go in there and turn the town on its ear, but step one would be to bring in a Starbucks and then the locals would REALLY hate me.

I dragged my family along. My daughter brought along her friend, who had never been to Vermont (we live less than an hour from Bennington). She bought a stuffed animal and tried to trick me by pretending that she had found a live kitten. I almost fell for it. That right there kind of sums up some of the more random parts of the day, but it was a nice break from the endless round of treatment visits.

I can't help but wonder if this image is the one I am most drawn to because I, too, am peeling. But that's a post for another day.

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