Friday, February 27, 2009

Oy and Vey with a yawn on the side

I am exhausted and crazy busy. Every day this week I've had somewhere to go in the evening. Yesterday I went from work to pick up my daughter to the market to basketball practice to a school meeting to choir practice. ::::thud::::

March is looking like torture because I have yearbook stuff I've been seriously neglecting to plow my farm on facebook, and I have a raffle to run, and a dance to prep for. Oh, and the kids have honors band rehearsals and there will be a couple more basketball games (frowny face) and the basketball banquet.

And there is no long weekend this month. Soooo wrong.

Please, send Pepsi Max. (side note... I gave up soda and wine for lent. Yesterday at work I was so tired I thought "I'll have a small soda, I need to taper down my caffeine consumption to make this easier" (a thought I shoudl have had last week, but whatever). Then I got home from choir and Mr. C said "hey, I got some wine...." (I usually drink a glass or two while I watch office/ greys/ etc... last night was no exception.... one, F-. )

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