Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clicked: Coach

We have a running joke about how a certain local college basketball coach looks JUST like Mr. Carly. Truly, he does. Mr. C was even mistaken for him about a year and a half ago.

Today Coach was in the restaurant where I was having lunch with APB and a friend we call The Kid. I noticed him and pointed him out to APB, while the Kid more or less tried to figure out who the heck he was.*

I wanted a picture, preferably one of me WITH him, but I don't have that paparazzi streak quite yet... APB pointed out that "it would be a shame for this to go Unclicked; your kids will be sooooo disappointed..." and I hemmed and I mumbled and was basically a big chicken.

So we waited for him to finish his lunch and then APB more or less said "You know, WE have to get back to work... so I'm right behind you, are you doing this or not?"

I walked over to Coach and said something like "ExcusemeI'msorrytobotheryou butcouldIgetaphoto of youformykids withmethey'rebig fans...>" -- only not QUITE as flustered as that, because I could pretty much sum up my basketball knowledge in one sentence: "Duck when the ball comes at you...."

His dining companion (who was about my father's age) said "Don't you want a picture with ME??" and I laughed and said "would you like to be in the picture?" - that guy was cute. Coach was really nice about it and stood right up, put his arm around me, and patiently waited for APB to snap two shots. Clicked!

Always carry your camera, kids.

*During the course of the conversation the Kid told me he had a dream about me getting a job in a creative field, and that he's kind of like Nostradamus. Then we discussed pushup techniques. You just had to be there.

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