Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday art, Pittsburgh style

It's been a while since I did a Sunday Art posting; I wanted to share some of the cool murals in Pittsburgh with my five readers ;-)

This was my best shot. So many of the murals were in places we drove by in heavy traffic, but I did get a clear shot here.

Then we have the bride,

(I got better angles, but those shots had cars and streetlight poles in the way. )

Next we have the funky mother earth mural

...which has text in the lower corner about Sprout Public Art, which seems to be the source of the funding, but I had trouble finding specifics online.

Here, we go Asian...

and lastly... sports. This is on the side of a tavern, (that's the name, in red) and has the arenas for the teams. Crazy sports fans here.... it was definitely fun watching a Pens game (we weren't at this bar though, for the game)

Enjoy your day everyone!

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onescrappychick said...

Those are super cool! What a great idea