Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Living in the Pitt

So the objective of the trip to Pittsburgh was to find an apartment for my travel companions. They found one, but I had my eye on a few others.... not that I am running away from home any time soon of course!!!

This house is not even for sale but I loved it. I could just imagine my baby grand piano in the parlor and the art room up in the attic. (What? No, I don't have a baby grand... yet...)

This next photo was an apartment we actually looked at for TC's to consider. The kitchen was just insane for a one bedroom apartment - it had a wine fridge and full size appliances. You can't even see half of the cabinetry in the shot below. There's also a little area off to the right where a very small table could go for a breakfast area. Unfortunately, to get to this apartment you had to go through the lobby (with a scary spiral staircase open to the basement) and up a winding flight of stairs, or you could go up the back staircase outside the house, stand on the deck (it had a deck!!! I loved it) and then break into the bedroom. I mean, walk into the bedroom.

This one we called the Dino place. (See, the arrow? It's a dinosaur...I don't get it either... ) Do not adjust your monitor - the sheer awesomeness of perhaps living in a purple and yellow apartment building made us call. The owner or agent did not call us back.

Last, the schoolhouse... this has been converted to apartments. Not surprising... no vacancies. But it would be cool to live here. On a quiet day you can probably still hear little voices echoing.

I think I'm finally done talking about Pittsburgh... until I go again....

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