Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Photos to follow (for some topics) from my Pittsburgh trip:

Food: let's just say, it is now boot camp time. From Primanti's to FatHead to D's, a small sports bar where you can walk into a giant fridge and pick your own beer out. And I did, I did. What's a hockey game without beer? Really.

And I haven't even mentioned all the wonderful homecooked food made for us by The Boyfriend's sister and her husband.
Let's just say I am tempted to do the Thanksgiving Open-Belt fashion faux pax sitting here in this car.

Murals. Pitt has SO many giant murals on the sides of buildings. Loved them. Photos to follow. Grey overcast days are actually better for shooting and so I took one or two I'm pretty happy with.

Starbucks vs Caribou Coffee. I like both. But Caribou, a little more. I actually only drink tea which has more caffeine than coffee but is generally brewed much weaker. (It's amazingly boring on the NYS thruway in parts, but I get good wireless signal and can google anything.) Caribou tea bags are cooler. Not tiny tea dust but chunks of leaves. Anyway.

Tigger: the Boyfriend's nephew bounces. Just like Tigger. I did NOT get tired of running in circles with him killing Jaggers or hiding while he ran around yelling "Chahh, Chahh, where you hidin'?"

Museum of Natural History: cool rocks. Okay, "gemstones". Wicked dinosaurs. How friggin' tall a giraffe really is. And Tigger bouncing.

Baby cuteness: I don't post pics of other people's kids here but I took some 50 million photos of Tigger and his infant sibling. I took some in black and white and plan to photoshop an 8x10 collage that I can send to their Mom via snapfish. He was a content, cute, smooshy baby. But no, I don't want another, so don't even ask. Thank you.

A word about iPods - invariably if I hook mine up to play on the car stereo only the songs I don't like much anymore seem to shuffle in. Annoying.

Let's see. I also took skyline pictures and bridges and exteriors of sports arenas. I'm thinking now is an easy time to become a Steelers fan and I'd love to see a pro football game someday.

In all of our apartment hunting I did take a few photos of houses I'd like to live in. You know, if I ever run away from home. But I am a NY girl, so I can't imagine ever moving to Pittsburgh. Visiting though, yes! Often.

Well, that's all for now, kids.

Carly(via Blackberry)

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