Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just a little setup info required here. Stay with me.

While I am in Pitt with Suzy and the Boyfriend, we are staying with his sister and her family. The three year old is endlessly energetic and hysterically funny. The baby is content to be held and snuggled and watch his sibling tear up the place.

The B's Sister leaves the half bath fan on to make white noise to help the baby sleep (right overhead). We are sleeping on couches and an air mattress in the living room.

This morning I saw Suzy get up, pick up a few things and leave the living room to wash her face.

Ten minutes later I opened one eye as the Boyfriend got up, walked into the half bath and shut the door. I immediately freaked thinking "ewww, they are Doing It in there. "

I spent five or ten minutes arranging myself to pretend that I was still asleep, or maybe even dead. Trying not to think of the contortional logistics of Half Bath Quickies and being really, really grateful for the white noise.

Boyfriend came out and went back to the couch. I "woke up", sat up, .... and then saw my sister coming DOWN from the upstairs bath.... she had been in the shower - not in the half bath with him.

Relief. And a really, really good laugh for all of us later. (The concept of Half Bath Quickies really gross nurses out, for the record. )

Carly(via Blackberry)


Anonymous said...

ROTFL ... Simply hysterical!

Johnny Virgil said...

Maybe it was still a HBQ.