Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Boxes, beers, bump into's, and brawls

Quick hits...

Moved S into her third floor apartment on Monday, which required more trips up to the third floor than I dared count. About six hours for the four of us to lug boxes up and squish into what is a cute, bright, clean, but on the small side apartment. Pain from the knees down today, not bad all things considered.

Then recovered, or made myself feel worse ultimately, with several Blue Moon beers and some fantastic pizza in a rooftop bar a few blocks from the apartment. Perfect weather for such an outing and apparently they don't import NY black flies.

On the flight home I had to change planes in Baltimore. While looking for the authentic crab cakes The Boyfriend promised me, I tripped over my own next door neighbors. Reminder, we DON"T live in Baltimore so this was a very freakish event, and required a photograph. Crab cakes were awesome, BTW

The brawl deserves a post of its own... for now, suffice it to say it was Sports Parents Gone Stark Raving Mad and it's probably good that Mr. C wasn't there to poke me and say "shhhh". But then again, I'm not the one the Ump was ready to throw out. :-)

Go Pens!

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