Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Photo by moi... this morning, on my rainy walk... it took 20 minutes of stalking to get one good shot, but I love this...

I have an odd affection for this bird... he has been hanging around my pond for years. Sometimes I see him in the old dead tree, up in the woods behind my house. He will eventually decide to go back to the pond and fly over my head with a whooop whooop whooop.

Once (long ago) I saw him standing on one foot for no particular reason in the back of my yard, and figured my neighbor had made some sort of a bizzarre scarecrow as a practical joke. Then I opened the window for a closer look, and about had a heart attack when he spread his wings and took off.

Really, they're big.

(The largest North American heron, with a head-to-tail length of 91–140 cm (36-55 in), a wingspan of 167-201 cm (66-79 in), and a weight of 2–3.6 kg (4.4-8 lbs), it is blue-gray overall,..... thanks wiki... )

And it's not ACTUALLY a Crane. But back when I watched him fish every day, I named him Frasier. That was right after I'd had my gallbladder out, and was just starting to take walks to get my strength back and recuperate. I'd walk to the bench, sit for a while, and since it was usually around 9 am, he'd be out looking for his breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Is that Saint Carly reflecting in the water? ;-)