Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Search Party

I have lost my Road ID. This makes me VERY, very unhappy. In part because I am a clutz and feel a little paranoid about running without this on my arm and a mack truck running me over, and no one knowing who I am. But also because I hate being disorganized. And because I wore it in my first "real" 5 K and I really enjoyed running that summer and want to get back to it again... so many reasons.


if you are feeling psychic and can suggest to me where I might find it (I've looked for 3 days now) and you are correct, I will buy you a road ID. No, really. The original wrist id version or the shoe version ($19 value). One winner. Mine is red, by the way, but you can pick your color.



onescrappychick said...

There are 2 spots in my current run.. that I'm convinced I'm going to get hit by a car some day. One is in front of my house. The crosswalk is there, but so is a corner that you can't see around and some people might drive fast there. The other is crossing over a street.. where the homeowners on the corner have let trees grow out so much it obscures the view of the road.

Anyhow.. let me tell you where my Road I.D. would be, if I had gotten off my arse and bought one yet (I do plan to.. inspired by you). It would be in the desk drawer where I keep my iPod, my headset and my pedometer. OR, it would be in the little dish I keep on my dresser where my watch, rings, etc live. OR, it would be in my running sneakers. Like if I took them off.. and took that off, then stuffed it in a shoe so I wouldn't forget to put it away, or lose it. Baring all that.. I'd check the pockets of my running shorts, the jar I keep the stuff we find in the dryer... or the bathroom, where I would've gone to shower after I got back.

Good luck finding it.

Carly said...

no luck yet... drawers of my art desk, every purse I own, bathroom oranizer bins, ....sweatshirt pockets... sigh.

Please do buy one. Every regular runner should wear one.

emmay said...

laundry area? under the couch or under the bed? Did you drive to run anywhere....maybe under the seat of your car. Does D have it?

onescrappychick said...

Never thought of the car.. because I don't leave to run, except for out my front door. Glad you found it! :)