Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream

So I woke up at about 3:45 from vivid and peculiar dreams that have slid back down into my subconscious.

I worried about money for a little while, the went out to my newly acquired couch(...which, for the record, is not newy purchased; it's from Suzy's former apartment and for the first time in years I can stretch out in my family room).

I read some facebook notifications aboot the PENS on my (bl/cr)ackberry, plus a guest photographer post from scott kelby's blog. Then I looked at - you have to check that out.

I had a small snack, because I'm hungry, so my stomach is feeling off. I wonder what my WiiBtch trainer would say... Snacking at 4 am. Greaaaaaat - that WILL get my BMI down.

Of course the REASON for being awake is the two wines and three sodas after dinner last night, when I met an old friend and his wife who are in town for a short visit. That and the potato skins may not help my stats either.

Did I mention we killed off one of the two new fish already? Whoops. Yes, after a lovely communion breakfast we returned home to the smell of death. I knew I should have changed that tank water sooner.

I think Mr C is less than thrilled with my housekeeping this last week or so. It's not totally unfounded. There are plenty of things here and there. But in my own defense, there are three of them, all avidly watching tv whenever their eyes are open, and so I don't feel the urge to play Cinderella and work like a dog all day, just to have them mess it all up again.

I've been somewhat gainfully unemployed for two (almost 3) months now, depending on how you count. I alternate between "god I'm getting nothing done" and "but I still have x weeks of severance pay and it's ok to enjoy myself a LITTLE" and "I did do the yearbook and all that other school stuff and help her move and....".

So that dialogue doesn't help me fall back asleep. Neither does the snoring. Last night I resorted to Ocean Waves on my ipod, certain I'd strangle myself with the cord. No, I only slept through the alarm that THEY all need to get up to go where they belong.

Good times, my dear friends, good times.

Carly(via Blackberry)

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onescrappychick said...


it's all normal... and you will get through this.