Monday, June 08, 2009

The Scrapbook

(pardon me, internet. I had a little two hour wrestling match yesterday with some hedge clippers, and I'm not quite myself yet today... that's my lame excuse for not writing about this sooner)

When I opened the scrapbook my daughter gave to us at her graduation breakfast...

I was looking at a picture of myself... ! and the title "The most unforgettable person in my life"


She wrote things like "there for me no matter what" and "always tried to help me" that most parents try their hardest to convey to their kids, and hope they understand. She wrote a (long) list of things I have done for her school... and that I have taught her to be independent by being able to cook, do things around the house... and that she sees me as being open to what she has to say, and willing to give my honest opinions

As days go, I'd say it was a ten :-)

There were pictures from her first day of first grade, a "happy memory" page (meeting her baby brother for the first time, which was on her 3rd birthday), of our extended family... her first communion...the Christmas tree decorating parties we have every year... There is room left for graduation photos.


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