Saturday, June 27, 2009

My blackberry is a vegetable too

My daughter joked to me yesterday.... "You should say 'Okie Dokie artichokie' Mom".

From there we went off on a tangent about how she doesn't like those tiny little fish in a can.

Yeah, I was lost too, at first. She mixes up things when her hampster falls off the wheel.
Artichoke, anchovy, ....sardines. So glad I paid for that tuition.

My blackberry troubles this week wasted a ton of time. Oy. Allegedly I can get money back on the battered shell, but since it's fried I'll wait and see if that pans out. I am growing fond of the new one. I just wish yahoo didn't suck on it. I liked the app I had. I do like a couple of the new apps like ScoreMobile that I've found.

Two weeks till the big graduation party; I have about 75 people coming and I'm still in denial about how screwed I am. Dummy. I have so much to do...

"Create the world you want to see."

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onescrappychick said...

Ours is tomorrow.. I kicked ass through my to-do list today.. and still didn't get everything I wanted to get done.. (sigh)