Sunday, June 07, 2009


My daughter has been campaigning vigorously for a WiiFit and I cracked the other day.

I was frustrated by a little trip to the DMV... I didn't have a hair sample from my great grandmother to prove my identity... or actually, one of the 5,000 papers they require. (I am planning to get an enhanced driver's license for our summer road trip - they're fairly new, and can serve in lieu of a passport to drive or go by boat to Canada.) But I wasted about an hour on the trip. Grrrr.

So I tore my house apart looking for that certain paper, and my kids circled. "Can we open the wiiFit?" (snarl) . A few minutes later, "Please?" (growl). Not my finest hour.

After dinner (oh, who am I kidding, WINE) I opened the box and set it up (batteries, attach the little feet extenders to the bottom because we have a thick rug..)

A voice that sounded something like my grandmother sucking helium came from the thing. "Starting up!" Ohhhhkay.

I have a "Mii" set up already (for those of you who don't play, you can make a little characters to represent yourself. My first try came out something like Hilary Clinton, so I had to fix it. Changed the hair, made myself taller and thinner. Heh. )

Well, sHelium was having none of that. When I got on the board for the first time sHe said "Ohhh!" and I wanted to slap it. I get it, b!tch . After weighing me it immediately changed my mii to a shorter, pudger version of me. Dammit.

I am afraid I continued to call the yoga trainer bad names as she put me through my initial routine, saying helpful things like "Your foot touched down, didn't it?" My only consolation is that my current fitness age is 32, according to her. Blahahahaha. It's obviously broken.


onescrappychick said...

LMAO.. Ashley got WiiFit last year for her birthday. I love that if someone has been set up to use it.. and they haven't in a while.. they sleep at the pick your Mii screen. HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Wait until it starts asking your kids questions about changes (or not) to your appearance.

Not long after I bought the WiiFit and the kids were using it, it asked me "Have you noticed a difference in K (youngest child)?" I replied No. The reply I received was to the tune of "you most not be paying much attention to her."