Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet up

Someone forwarded a "meet up" link to me, and it was for a kayak group, but I don't have a kayak yet. I looked around the site and found a photography group, and so I went to the Empire State Plaza to meet some of the other members to take some photos tonight... these are two of my favorites.

I definitely had the baby camera of the bunch - no lens switching for me... but I have at least 15 shots I really like (out of probably 150 +, thank god for digital)

The one above is a long exposure, self timer with a tripod, and then you know I had to show you one that I played with tonal curves because I just can't NOT DO IT sometimes.

For you who are not familiar, this is The Egg.... not the mother ship of an alien race. It's actually a small theater and was the scene of the crime for the recent field trip I chaperoned.

Huh. I had way more fun tonight ;-)

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