Thursday, June 04, 2009



I am still patiently waiting for the scrapbook that my daughter will be giving to us at the graduation breakfast this Sunday.

Today she called me* and said "I really need you to bring my scrapbook over right now, I left it home and we are supposed to be wrapping them at school today."

Now how was I supposed to go and fetch it, while I am alone in the house, and NOT LOOK INSIDE?

Somehow, I managed.

I also managed not to buy any Ben & Jerry's individual ice cream cups at the market. I'm on a roll today...


Anonymous said...

What flavor? I'm suddenly craving ice cream. thanks

Carly said...

I like the strawberry cheesecake one. But I did NOT buy it. Even though it has swirls of graham.... where are my keys???

Anonymous said...

OK, Sunday has passed and now WE are waiting patiently to know the outcome. LOL