Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random website recommendation

I was in the library with my daughter looking for books on Hitler (oh what a fun time that was...) and I noticed a book called The Gallery of Regrettable Food and managed to find the author's website.

The main site is http://www.lileks.com/ and there are enough interesting things to keep just about all of you busy until I come up with some time to work on this blog!

I am actually doing some work on a web page for a friend of a friend; the web page content is about a recording artist who is working on his second cd. I am LOVING this little project. I won't get paid all that much, but the money will go into a secret hiding place to be saved up for a REAL camera. I'm thinking maybe a Canon digital rebel. Modes, baby. Lots of shooting modes and buttons and fun stuff. And I want a 24-105 zoom lens. Just smile and nod...

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