Friday, June 26, 2009


Dear Michael Jackson,
I couldn't care ANY less. Either way. Really.

I'm not in the "he's the greatest superstar ever" OR the "he's a freak" team. Although I lean to the latter. But then I think a lot of brilliant artists are REALLY, really emotional wrecks. I know I am, hahahaha.

We were at the baseball field last night when he expired, and all of the parents with Blackberrys were chatting about 'he's in the hospital', 'he's dead', etc. It was funny because my friend's wife called him to say "MJ is dead" and we had all known for an hour. We talked about how we used to get BIG news when we got home from sports events, because we would have been in an information void while we sat at that game, 25 years ago. Viva la wireless technology.

Dear Research In Motion,
so help me god if your automatic updates fry my PC the way they killed my little Red crackberry... it won't be pretty.

I spent 5 hours waiting for an upgrade to finish on Red, (I knew it was bad but steps 1 & 2 that ran were "backup everything" and "delete everything" so I was trapped.... and the damn thing crapped out on step 11. Of 11. ) It totally fried the operating system and I could not restore it, despite 3 attempts. I gave up and got a new one, since I was elegible for upgrade. ATT doesn't have the Storm, so I stuck with the BB Curve since I like it. The camera's better, the whole thing runs faster, and the browser's a little nicer than what I had.... but what a horrible way to get there. I sat and cried at my pc the other night then thought "Get a grip, C".

Dear PC,
really, stop with the fan noise increasing in pitch. It's freaking me out. Seriously. Stop it.

I do have a nice new external drive and I have backed up my data. I see myself shopping for a purchase I don't want to make, in the very near future.

Dear former employer,
thank you for giving me this wonderful summer day off, with pay. And yesterday, and last month, and... well, you know what I mean. But giving me the axe in a group setting? That kind of sucked. Still not thrilled about that. Just saying...


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Trish said...

gotta say the crackberry "update" from a few weeks ago---it insisted I do it and ever since then, a lot of "features" no longer work...wth?!!? for this I can go back to palm and have them screw me over!