Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wii fit update

Things I like / dislike about the wii... which I have been faithfully using for 12 days now, only missing one day.

I hate the female trainer. She is perky and skinny and just not my kind of girl. Also, why are both of the wii trainers lilly-white? Diversity. Geez. I think I would like her more if she was a curvy Latina with a trace of an accent. I'm not even kidding. She would seem friendlier that way. VanillaGirl is very cold and unfriendly.

I like the guy. Don't know why. I don't see him as particularly manly (not to say he's effeminate, just kind of average) , but he's not as threatening to me as IceGirl. I like hearing him say "Way to Go!" when I don't actually fall off the board doing a one-legged balance pose. (Don't laugh. It happens. Then the trainer says "you put your foot down, didn't you?" Oh, right, a computer is now going to give me attitude. Thank you. )

Today the Wii decided I was spending too much time with him and gave me the female trainer. Really - she actually showed up on my screen and said "I hope you don't mind, I 'll be filling in for your regular trainer today. Um, I don't think so! Luckily she went away after one yoga pose. Buh bye, doll. It would be nice to be able to have my son or my daughter be my coach. Well, not my son, because he laughs himself silly over how I do on some of the balance games.

I have been running again. Today is the first day I would charactarize what I did as actually resembling running, because it was almost evenly split between walk a while, run a while, but that's not really the point I'm getting to. You can enter non-wii exercise in the log on the wii fit. It will show up as a gray part of the bar graph showing your daily workouts - almost like they don't believe you. "Well, you say so, but we're not giving it a pretty color. " The other gripe I have is that you can only enter exercise for TODAY. No matter which date you click on the calendar, you log it to today. Losers. Work on that part of the code, wiiGeeks.

I would still recommend it to my fellow couch potatoes though... the yoga feedback on whether you're really balancing well is definitely helping me. And I can navigate a soap bubble through a rocky canyon. No lie.


Trish said...

The one thing I REALLY dislike about the wiifit is when it GROANS when you step on...uhm, hello??!?! I'm working out, shut the he## up! Doesn't do it every time, but freeking hello, ENCOURAGE ME, don't pi$$ me off!

The balance stuff has taught me that the ankle I blew out years ago is not as healed as I thought. OMG...ouch!

onescrappychick said...

what I hate.. is that because my left hip is fused up in the socket.. and my leg is 3/4" shorter than the right.. I am always going to be off balance. Nothing I can do to change it.. and that damn wiifit thing gives me crap about it every time. (sigh)